Welcome to The Occasional Expat!

Welcome weary (or soon to be weary!) travelers to our humble blog.

Our hope for this space is that it will encourage others (seasoned wayfarers, weekend wanderers, and wet behind the ears homebodies alike) to become Occasional Expats like us!  You may not always go abroad, but it is our hope that we can inspire you to leave your comfortable nest, follow your fantasies and see the world.  Whether its an undiscovered district in your hometown, a national monument or world renowned festival, or even a hidden marketplace tucked away in a foreign country – we hope our tips and experiences can spark that bit of wanderlust within and get you out and about in this amazing world in which we live.

It would be great to travel abroad all the time but even if you have to be an occasional expat, like us, we sincerely hope that you can create those new and exhilarating experiences all on your own within your tangible means.  We want this blog to be an informational and inspirational piece in order to show you things you would have never thought to see, and even hopefully to get you out the door and into great beyond.

Happy Wandering!

Chelsea & Caty


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