Sydney – The Prequel.

In early 2009 I kept dreaming of Australia.  Like literally, I would wake up from a dream about kangaroos and beaches and I couldn’t get the idea of visiting the country out of my head.  My obsession got worse when I started seeing flight sales from United, Quantas, and V Australia offering round trip flights for the lowest prices that anyone could imagine.  I concluded that this was a sign from the heavens and that I must do whatever I could to take advantage of this great deal before my heart exploded.

My friend Liz agreed to accompany me on this adventure, and after a few discussions we booked 2 seats with V Australia for $707 round trip.  Thats right kids – after taxes our round trip NON-STOP flight from Los Angeles to Sydney was only $707.  (Don’t worry… there will be future posts on how to score killer flight deals!)  After reviewing the top airlines we chose to go with V Australia for a couple of reasons.  The single most important reason for me choosing V Australia was because I had such WONDERFUL experiences flying with Virgin America, and I was banking on the idea that since they’re the same company we might have a similar experience.  In hindsight I can honestly say that we made the right choice.

How it feels to be in economy class on V Australia's trans-Pacific flights. (Photo from the Sydney Morning Herald)

VA's Boeing 777 - Said to be the most fuel efficient aircraft. (Photo from the Sydney Morning Herald)

Can I just mention that the V Australia flight crew on both of our flights had to, single handedly, be the best looking group of people I’ve ever seen in one spot.  I felt so frumpy traveling in my usual sweats because they were all SOOOO GORGEOUS.

Getting ready to board... Liz still isn't too sure of all this.

Getting ready to board our late-night plane. Liz clearly isn't too sure of all this, but once we landed she changed her mind!

So 15 hours later we landed in Sydney.  A little sleepy, a little sore, but mostly really ready to take a shower.  I learned the hard way that you should always pack a toothbrush and face wash in your carry on.  This way you can freshen up immediately after you deplane, and will feel a lot better when waiting in that 2 hour line to get through customs.

Speaking of customs… the Aussie’s have some incredibly strict laws about what you can and cannot bring into their country.  Check out their website before you fly, and remember to bring a prescription for your medicines just in case.

Once we finally made it through customs we were finally out into the Australian air, and completely on our own…

After 17 hours we finally find ourselves in the back of a shuttle van headed to our hostel.

Next Post:  Sydney – Day 1.


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