Bangkok Character

Hello all,

I know my last post was pretty negative (as were my first impression of Bangkok). I thought I’d throw together some photos of quirky things that I do love about Bangkok. Enjoy!

Where are you going? Bangkok or anywhere else?

Thai Post Box

Love the multi-colored tape squares!

Love. Peace. Panda.

Street Graffiti

Orange Bus

Pink Bus

Not just pink taxis, neon pink taxis!


Sign in the Bangkok Sky Train

Transportation Issues

Kitten! I love her.

Stray Cats!

Evil spirits need houses too.

Spirit Houses – outside most buildings (practicing Buddhism); where you can send evil spirits you need to dispel from your house. Naturally.

Floating Water Lilies at the Grand Palace

street greenery

at Wat Phra Keao

Instead of trees or bushes to green up an area, they have floating water lilies in pots full of water! Lovely and practical in such a humid climate.

Elephant Topiary from the front!

Elephant Topiary from the back!

This is where they used to rein in the Elephants at the Grand Palace. Check that spiked hat.

Elephants everywhere!

painted pattern on the ceiling of Wat Pho

intricate grate on a window at Wat Pho

beautiful ceramic tile roof at Wat Phra Keao

cool Siamese details!

<3 Chelsea


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