Siem Reap to Pnomh Penh

Hello All,

We’re about to depart from Siem Reap back to Pnomh Penh (capitol of Cambodia). A quick 6 hour bus ride to cross a distance roughly equivalent of San Diego to L.A!

I’m going to try and post a more in depth article tonight about Siem Reap and our visit to the ruins of Angkor Wat. If not, then I’m unsure of the next time I’ll be able to post. We’re moving on to Vietnam tomorrow (to Saigon/Ho Chi Minh City by bus.). I know that certain websites are difficult to access in Vietnam, so we’ll see if I’ll be able to post anything while I’m there. We’ll be traveling up the coast of Vietnam, and flying back to Thailand on July 9th from Hanoi (in the north).

For now, here’s a pic of us exploring Angkor Thom!

Indiana Jones and her sidekick-Eric.

<3 Chelsea


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