Hoi An Pacific: Mini Review

In Hoi An we decided to class it up a bit and stay at the recommended Hoi An Pacific Hotel.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the good sense to take photos while we were there (I was a little burned out by this point) so all these photos are care of the Hoi An Pacific Hotel’s website.

For $49 a night, we stayed in the Superior Room which was the perfect size for 2 people. It was well appointed with a few chairs and a writing desk, as well as a spacious bathtub/shower and drying line.

Hoi An Superior Room

The wonderful thing about this hotel is the complimentary shuttle between the hotel and the beach, as well as the hotel and downtown Hoi An. This service is invaluable (especially for the beach). The hotel also had bikes to borrow (no locks however) so we used those to get to the beach and to town. On the bike, it was about a 15-20 minute ride to the beach, with gorgeous scenery along the way. Getting to town on the bike was about 10 minutes, and an easy ride to boot. It takes about the same in the car because of traffic.

The beach club was a great addition as it meant that we had facilities to use while at the beach. There were plenty of lounge chairs and umbrellas permanently set up. There was a small restaurant and club house with a pool and bathrooms as well. Also, there were only 2 or 3 touts wandering around the beach, so it was nice to be less  bothered when you just want to relax.

Here’s a very well manicured photo of the beach club (it’s not quite this magnificent in real life).

Private Beach Club care of the Hoi An Pacific Hotel

Cua Dai Beach, Hoi An, Vietnam

There’s also a very nice pool area in the hotel with a cafe for refreshments.

This was the most expensive place we stayed while in Vietnam, and while it was the most well decorated and “western” looking, there were a few details that were difficult for us, but I daresay they were minor.

The restaurant is quite large and offers traditional music performance every night, which is a lovely feature. However, it’s normal fare is extremely expensive for what it is. Not worth the money at all. Luckily, breakfast is included and the spread is quite large and varied in selection.

Cham Restaurant at Hoi An Pacific Hotel

The other issue was that the fumes from the products with which they clean the rooms everyday are SO powerful that we had to cover our mouths when we walked down the hall each morning. We were so worried that these fumes would linger in our rooms after they cleaned that we declined to have our room cleaned while we were there. The wood polish they use to polish all the stair railings and wood fixtures every day didn’t help matter either.

Lastly, the only entrance by plane or train in to Hoi An is through the nearby town of Danang. I think that with a hotel that claims to be 5 stars and with such a room price, they should include transfer service to and from the hotel. They do not and they charge $20 for a one-way airport transfer which is more or less the going rate; with some hard bargaining you can negotiate a slightly better rate {we did coming in}. This was a bit of a disappointment as somewhere that claims to be this upscale should provide this service to it’s customers as every single one of them would appreciate it.

All in all, I would recommend staying at the Hoi An Pacific if you want something slightly nicer than a budget hotel experience. It suited all our needs and was a restful and relaxing place to stay in Hoi An.


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