Island Life on Koh Samui

What we planned to be a 2 day stop over in Koh Samui has turned into a 19 day move to the island. For those who don’t know, in the Samui Archipelego there are three major islands: Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Koh Tao (+ squillions of tiny little koh’s {koh=island}).

It’s a goldilocks situation folks. Koh Samui is the largest and most developed island. Koh Phangan is a medium sized island and is less developed than Samui; and Koh Tao is the smallest and least developed of the three. Koh Tao is world-famous as being the location for the famous book/film “The Beach”. We assumed that we would want to immediately move onto the smaller, quieter islands but we still wanted to give Koh Samui a chance.

Something that we did want from this portion of our journey was to really relax and have our own time to accomplish some things we’ve wanted to get done personally. When we started researching Koh Phangan and Koh Tao, we realized that they would be harder locations to really be independent in. This is one reason why we decided to stay on Koh Samui for this long. After a bit a research we found a bungalow that we could rent all on our own, with a kitchen, beach front and with wifi! So we thought, “Hey, lets move in for a little bit before we start on 3 solid months of non-stop movement when we go to Europe.”

We first landed at the Freehouse Bungalows. A very basic set of 12 bungalows right on Bophut beach, Freehouse Bungalows is a great place to stay if you don’t need any frills and want to save money. We rented a little fan bungalow with en suite bathroom for $19 a night. The restaurant here was very good {some of the best Thai food we’ve had in the country} and they have wifi access in the common areas.

After we had decided to stay on the island for a bit longer (we originally thought a week), we looked around for a bungalow we could rent on our own. We wanted a kitchen so we weren’t at the mercy of a restaurant every time we wanted to eat, and we wanted it to be on the beach. Luckily, we found the perfect spot!

Home Sweet Home

We found our home sweet home on, a website very much like {Vacation Rental By Owner}, where anyone can put their space up for rent, long term or short term. You can put up just a room, or your whole place, it’s up to you. You can see the listing for our place right here.

We contacted David to see if we could see the place before committing to it. We met up with David and as soon as we saw it we knew it was perfect! He lives next door with his partner, Janet. They’re so kind and always help us with anything we need.

We have our own kitchen.

Adorable bedroom

Our own office!

And an incredible view! Yes, this is how close we are to the beach.

And the very best part? Below is what we’re riding around in. David is letting us rent this for $5 a day.

Sittin pretty in the sidecar with our groceries.

Why in Gods name does the owner of our place have a sidecar like this? No, no, no it’s not for his partner, or a human passenger for that matter. It was custom made {of rebar!} for Winston.


Winston is the biggest sweetheart! They also have two great cats: Eric {ha!} and Carlos.

So basically we’ve been hanging out in our new home, cooking meals, catching up on our reading, correspondence, work and projects and generally taking it easy. It’s been great!

Tomorrow I’ll post some more pictures of the beaches around the island and some of the sites!

Once you go sidecar you never go back.

<3 Chelsea


4 responses to “Island Life on Koh Samui

  1. OK that is just about the most awesome thing I have ever seen… thank you for restoring my faith in humanity!!!! Miss you!!


  2. I love that the frigo is blue! and I bet you are livin’ it up in that side car… you were made for one! Bisous!

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