Leaving Koh Samui

Tomorrow we leave our home away from home, here on Koh Samui, We’ve really enjoyed slowing down and taking in life here on the island. Our hosts,David and Janet have been spectacular, and we’ve grown accustomed to days spent at the beach, scootering around to our favorite cafes, and beating the heat with iced lemon shakes. But as with all things, it’s time for a change, so we’ll be moving on to Koh Phangan to check out the {even} slower life on the medium sized island. After that, we’ll move to Koh Tao for a few days of snorkeling. Before we go, I thought I’d post a smattering of pictures from the island.

Big Buddha

Up close and personal.

Detail painting on Temple columns

Beautiful ceiling about a collection of Buddha statues

One day we visited “Big Buddha” Temple. I had underestimated how big this guy would be! He was huge! The temple was very open and calm and all around the B.B. was an open cloister over looking the ocean. Between each column was a large bell for ceremonies. 

This sidecar sells ice cream! It's almost better than my sidecar!

Sidecar compatriots.

Eric reading on our front terrace.

Purple Mussels

Swirly Tides

Clear Waters, Coral Cove

We went to Coral Cove over and over again. It was our favorite beach because it was tiny, never crowded, the water was warm, clear and deep and made for great swimming. There were also big rocks to climb and explore, covered in these funny, bright purple mussels. I took many pictures of them!

We also went to see Harry Potter 7 Part 2, twice! Going to the movies here is such a wonderful experience. It cost about $10 for the two of us to go (and the snacks are really inexpensive!). The theatres are clean and in an old hollywood art deco style (both here and in Bangkok). The also sing the National Anthem before every screening so we all stand up out of respect for the King. It’s a really powerful experience actually. I went to go see Harry Potter a few days after it came out here and there were about 6 other people in the theatre with us. I don’t imagine that’s how it is back in the States!

We’ll miss hearing the waves crashing just steps away from us all the time, have our own mode of transport, and having our own little pad. We’re ready to continue exploring though, so Koh Phangan here we come!

I don’t think we’ll have internet access as much for the next week {until we get back to Bangkok}. So if not, I’ll post an update then! We fly to Prague on the 9th of August. I can’t believe our time in Asia is almost up!

<3 Chelsea




3 responses to “Leaving Koh Samui

  1. Catching up on your lo amazing trip after spending the past 2-3 weeks packing house and moving! This looks/sounds ah-mazing, and with your pictures and words, you two are just a regular lewis and clark. And, I love your sidecar (but not as much as I love you!)

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