Spitalfields Vintage Market, London

When Laura told me there was a vintage market happening, in an old Victorian era building, that only happens on Thursdays, I knew what we were doing the next day (whether Eric wanted to or not, luckily for me, he appeases me in the vintage shopping arena).

Here are some snaps from that market, and the nearby Brick Lane.

Inside Liverpool Street Station, on the way to Spitalfield's

Fresh baked goods at Spitalfields

Union Jack and ice skates....

Bobby Hat

Brick Lane is an interesting area. Laura regaled me with it’s history: the area originated as a haven for the Huguenots who had fled France, then the Irish followed, then the Jews and now the Bengali (from Bangladesh).  It’s becoming gentrified by the hipsters moving in with many, many vintage shops and one-off coffeehouses but it is also the outpost of the Bengali community in London, with curry house after curry house (all professing to be the TOP in London) lining up beside the vintage shops. It’s an interesting diverse area that’s got two very different communities residing within it.

Watch out for that Stork!

Brick Lane. In English and Bengali.

Old Truman Factory, Brick Lane

We met up with Laura and Dan that night for some gourmet pizza (pumpkin and goat cheese, oh yes) in a place Eric and I would have never found. Love seeing a city with locals!

<3 Chelsea


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