The British Museum, London

Here are some snaps from our visit to the British museum with Little Brett, who was finishing his European tour in London as well. The British Museum was pretty colossal, housing some of the most rare treasures the world knows about. They have a series throughout the museum of “The History of the World in 100 objects”. You know a museum has to have a pretty extensive collection to be able to boast a series like that. Two of the highlights were the Rosetta Stone, the stone that was the key to unlocking translation and understanding of Egyptian hieroglyphics, and a fully preserved Samurai suit.

The Rosetta Stone, with Greek, Demotic and Egyptian hieroglyphics.

The Mold Gold Cape, found in Wales dating between 1600-1900 BC!

Glass vessels

And now for the jewelry section. Sorry fellas….

Cameo carved out of gems

Beautiful gold and turquoise Swallow brooch

Lots of Swallow brooches!!!!

Butterfly and Moth brooches made out of minerals and gems

Ivy crown!! Can I wear this everyday? British from around 1900

Incredible lizard bracelet! Why don't they make jewelry like this anymore?

More fabulous flower and fruit brooches

Double Swallow brooch!

Ok, end of the jewelry section. Thanks for indulging me!

Eric and Brett's friend Hanna check out the inner workings of a clock.

Crazy gold boat, that is actually a clock!!

Eric and Brett check out the extensive clock collection

Amazing old cash register

Clay Vessels

Ancient turquoise dish

Pharaoh figurines

Pidcock's (is there any better name?) Royal Menagerie, featuring the ONLY black swan ever seen in the Kingdon and a cow with 2 heads!

Old spelling of animals including an Afs, a Horfe and a Wolfe

Full Samurai suit!

Eric, Brett and Hanna ponder what it's like to hold a Katana.

Samurai saddle and stirrups with mother of pearl inlay

Copy of Hokusai's "The Great Wave"

What an incredible museum to take in. And we only scratched the surface! And it was free! Can you imagine? That is the beauty of british museums, many if not a majority are free. All these amazing relics and all this information is at anyone’s fingertips in London. How lucky are they?

Next stop: Oxford!

<3 Chelsea


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