Creeping Ivy- Oxford, England

Our first trip out of London was a jaunt to Oxford. It was really wonderful taking a day out of London, not that it’s not wonderful, but we all need a break from the big city once in a while right?

The illustrious Daniel told me that Oxford has a representation from every period of British architecture-that is to say, there is an example of every type of British architecture (ever) in Oxford. This means it has all sorts of charming old buildings and churches. It was definitely the most picturesque town we went to in Britain (granted we didn’t go to that many, I know there are a great many of them in Ol’ Blighty). We had a great day idling in a pub, wandering around, gaping at the technicolor ivy creeping up all the walls and peering into the gated university buildings. Every corner we turned there was some unique, incredibly picturesque detail and surprise. A secret bridge between to buildings, a tiny dome hidden behind a school wall, a giant wood gate with an immense peephole. It was incredible, the whole town was a just a jewel.

A gorgeous old building and big pile of bikes. You know you’re in a university town now.

The beautiful spire of that building

Charming old door and entryway

Striking blue door in Oxford

Oxford University Press

Jude the Obscure, where we had lunch! Amazing food and such a great name!

Technicolor Ivy

After lunch we took a wander around town. The University campuses are sprinkled all over town so we strolled along peeking in through their guarded gates. Most of the campuses require an entry fee to enter and look around. They are lovely old buildings with lush green courtyards in the middle, most of the time. It would have been nice to visit one or two of them, but because we were dealing with pounds we were trying to save our nickels and pennies. I did get a chance to snap a couple of pictures of the inside areas.

Beautiful swirly door hinge, and a peek into the garden

How beautiful would this be to walk by every day to class?

I went a bit wild taking photos of Oxford. It was so beautiful! I could have spent a week looking around and admiring the town.

I loved this drainpipe with a little green oasis growing out of it.

One of Oxford’s charming Spires

Open Window

Another example of Oxford’s diverse architecture

A view of Christopher Wren’s Sheldonian Theatre.

Blood red ivy in Oxford

Red Ivy taking over this buildings facade

Door within a door

Just your typical super cool covered bridge between two buildings. Why walk on the street when you can do this?

Door handle

Floral carvings

Golden Gate, looking into campus courtyard

The Radcliffe Camera

Oxford Church

Vintage Bike for a Cafe sign

The bones of ivy

Little hidden dome

Oxford Examination Schools

Where Examinations are dropped off I suppose!

Boats and Punts on the Oxford Canal

Oxford Canal


Stained glass door

Thought this was a bit of a stretch, Burritos via Mexico, via San Francisco, to the UK

Christ Church

Keyhole Gate

We spent the twilight hours in a cafe on Rose Place, sketching the Christ Church. Our day trip to Oxford was a wonderful change of pace. The town was peaceful and lovely and seems infinitely explorable. Besides it’s obvious interest with the University there, the architecture and general learned atmosphere were a wonderful experience.

<3 Chelsea


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