Watch out London! Jan’s coming to town.

So, just so you know, 6 months is a long time. I mean you go through life, and you’re busy and you forget how time passes. Sometimes 6 months flies by. Sometimes you dont see people for months and don’t realize it. But when you are in a situation, where you absolutely know you’re not going to see someone (or anyone) for 6 months…..well…you miss folks! Especially you’re Mom!! Who doesn’t need Mom time? Who doesn’t love Mom time?

It was with this thought that I rode out {all the way out} to Heathrow airport on the Tube to pick up my dear Mum. She kindly flew all the way out {non stop from San Diego but still….} to visit Eric and I and celebrate Thanksgiving with us! Yahoo!

The last time she had been there was the 90’s so she was excited to see how the city had changed. I assured her the food had gotten much better and that they had gotten a bit less stuff about tea service {she was once thrown out of the Savoy for being dressed “inappropriately”-she can be a bit scandalous -just kidding Mom.} She was coming for over a week and boy were we both excited! We rented a flat that would fit all of us and that would let us get out of dear Laura and Dan’s hair.

Our neighborhood near Tufnell Park

As soon as she arrived, first thing was first, she wanted to get herself a Guinness and some good ol’ Fish n’ Chips. I like a girl who’s got her priorities in order.

Mom enjoys her first British meal at The Assembly House near Kentish Town.

The Assembly House

One of the first thing we did was a take a romp through Hyde Park and surrounding Knightsbridge {which includes the shopping mecca Harrods Department store}. We had a beautiful day for strolling and wandering all through the Park.

Mom in front of Kensington Palace at Hyde Park

Making our way towards Kensington we came across the  Albert Prince Consort Memorial, husband of Queen Victoria.

Mom and I in front of the Albert Memorial

At each corner of the memorial was a statue representing “the people” of Asia, Africa, the Americas and Europe respectively. Albert worked to abolish slavery worldwide. I thought they were beautiful and romantic.

Statue representing Asia at one corner of the Prince Albert Memorial

Europe, apparently they have cows.

The Americas, we have Buffalo!

Africa, they have Camels!

The Albert Memorial is just by the famous Royal Albert Hall pictured behind.

Royal Albert Hall

We wandered on to Knightsbridge to explore Harrods. For those of you who don’t know, Harrods is a pretty big deal -shopping wise-in London. Its a great place for well made souvenirs but is also fun to ogle the super-luxe wares. By far the best part is the famous Food Hall, where every type of food has its own section. Morcels are all gorgeously displayed all done up in beautiful packaging and laid out to make your mouth water. I adore the decor that I think is somewhere between gaudy and wonderous art nouveau.

Fish Counter in Harrods Food Hall. Under-the-Sea-over-the-top splendor.

Peacocks at the Fowl section

Ceiling with beautiful scrolly iron work

Gorgeous peacock ironwork

Despite the fact that Harrods was jam packed, we enjoyed introducing Eric to the institution {haha}. We left with plans to return later for souvenir shopping and went across the street to enjoy a cup of hot cocoa.

Harrods by Night

Stay tuned for the rest of Chelsea, Eric + Mom’s adventures in London!

<3 Chelsea


2 responses to “Watch out London! Jan’s coming to town.

  1. What a wonderful gift to your Mom and to this one too. Some beautiful pictures with feelings to match. Once again, sending good and grateful thoughts for sharing. Your Mom did herself proud and am sure that she’d be the first to say so.

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