Beauty and Wonder: The V & A Museum

It’s London calling.

I believe that I get a lot of my sensibilities from my Mom (and vice versa a little bit :D). We usually like the same art, prints and patterns, decorative objects, clothes and styles. That’s something I really love about us, and why we’re so close, that we enjoy similar things and find the same things cool.

My favorite London museum is naturally located in … Chelsea

With this in mind, we took her to the Victoria & Albert Museum-I knew she would love it, because I did!

Dale Chihuly’s Chandelier in the rotund of the V&A

Serendipitously, the featured exhibition at the V&A was the “Power of Making”. A showcase of Master Makers from across the world who create the strange and wonderful objects themselves.

Power of Making Exhibition

Looking down into the Power of Making exhibition

Unfortunately I couldn’t take pictures inside the exhibition. But it was amazing! It was all objects that has been hand crafted, or made with great technical skill. I remember there were hand carved coffins made to look like Tigers, a giant hand woven rug (you can see the white thing hanging on the wall in the photo), little robots, cardboard surfboards, hand crafted saddles, and giant sculptures. Scores of inspirational items attesting to humankinds ability to create things with awe inspiring skill and perfection. Made me want to make!

We continued on exploring more of the antiquities in the museum.

Hanging Sarcophogus. Best for places that flood.

I quite liked this gilded cross

One of the most impressive pieces they had was this complete staircase, originally from Brittany in France. Can you see in the pictures how a typical person is only as tall as halfway up the first flight? Times that by 3! That’s an enormous thing to keep in tact since the 1500’s!

Relic of a staircase from Brittany, France.

Info on the staircase

They have even preserved the railings of the walkways extending out from the staircase called the “pondalez” coming from “ponts d’aller” meaning “bridges for going”

One big reason why I love the V&A is because they have so many collections from so many mediums. Silver, Gold, Mosaics, Paintings, Drawings. But also more obscure mediums such as Ironwork. I have always loved scrolling ironwork- at once elegant and gothic. Whether it be gates, griles or balconies (ah Paris.) I’ve always loved the look of it. And imagine, the V & A has a whole section dedicated to it!

Rooster post and gorgeous Grilles.

Beautiful old locks and keys displaying the range of ancient technology.

Artfully arranged arc of keys and keyholes.

Masterly key and lock set

Iron Crest

One thing I do love about ironwork is that it immediately gives you a sense of the old world and of hand crafted quality. Metal that was treated and created in an exact way with a look that gives you, again, an immediate impression of a certain time period.

If you know me, you know I love classic, antique and nostalgic… well, anything really. Near the ironwork, they had a large collection of vintage novelty tins in all different shapes and sizes. I adored them! Why don’t they make things like this anymore? My Mom and I both love pretty or old tins so we swooned a bit over this collection.

Bird nest and bird cage vintage tins

Royal Mail Box and Royal Carriage vintage tins. So cool!

We wound our way through the Drawing and Painting sections and the Jewelry section (if you remember from the last V&A post, you can’t take pictures in their -I think they’re scared you’re casing the joint.) We looked through some of the Objets d’Arts and enjoyed the opulence.

Incredible carved shell

Arts of all kinds, hand made wonders, the beauty of good design. That’s what the V & A is all about-and that’s why I love it so much. When we’re there I sometimes feel like it was made for me-it’s everything I like! We passed a wonderful day inside that house of beauty, soaking in the arts and crafts of past and present.

Until next time!


That’s me.



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