Tea Service at Liberty

Liberty Storefront, this style of building is Tudor

One thing we knew we definitely wanted to do when Mom came was to go to Tea Service. My friend Emily (for whom I am ever grateful) suggested we go to Liberty’s Tea Service at Cafe Liberty!

Excuse me while I nerd out on type! Isn’t that gorgeous?!

For those may not be familiar with Liberty, it is an institution of London; one of their most lovely department stores. From their website, “Today Liberty is the leading destination store in London, a wonderful emporium where the latest fashions sit alongside design classics.” It’s in a magnificent old Tudor-style building. They’ve got homewares and high end clothes but the most exciting part for me, is their sewing section. They’re acclaimed for their floral and patterned fabric design so they have a quite grand sewing and notions section. I spent a good 45 just walking around touching fabric and sighing. Does anyone remember when Target had a collection by them with tons of floral prints? That was Liberty.

Some classic Liberty fabric prints

Mom took Lovely Laura and I to a gorgeous tea service filled with scones, crumpets, pastries, delicious tea and much needed girl time. It was a wonderful and relaxing affair followed by browsing (and a bit of buying) throughout the store.

I tried to keep my tackiness in check so I didn’t take any pictures inside, but here are a few snaps from their gorgeous windows! Oh to be a Liberty merchandiser!

Dreamy concept from Liberty window

Peacock Feather Wall in a Liberty window

Queenly Geese

The flowers out front of Liberty almost gave it an open air market effect.

Shopping with Mom in the morning, tea in the afternoon, and lovely parting gifts from Liberty? And the best part, beautiful time spent with my Mum and good friend. I can’t think of a better day. Pure heaven.

<3 Chelsea




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